Battle of the Inland Seas XXIII

Hail no!!


MAY 19-21, 2017


Arts & Sciences Classes

Interested in teaching a class at BOTIS?

Please check back as more information is added.

Adult Classes

  • Baroness project
  • Pyrography demo (off and on all day)

Youth Classes




Lady Dahlia (Michelle Hogan): or (586) 246-6261
Address:  16710 Sarno Dr., Macomb, MI  48044
Lady Coleite du Vexin (Lianna Frazer): or (586) 599-5196
Ivarr (Ed Zielenski): or (586) 718-7006

A&S: Lady Danahild ni Choluim at or 586-945-1790.

Merchants: Lord Bartholomew MacMollen