Battle of the Inland Seas XXIII

Hail no!!


MAY 19-21, 2017


Schedule of Events

Schedule of Events
  • Please continue to check back as we work to add more information.
  • Rapier
    • Morning - Pick-ups, Auths, Challenges
    • 11:00am:
      • A simple tournament
    • Noon - Lunch
    • 1:00 pm:
      • Boat Battle
    • 2:00pm:
      • Surprise melee
  • Heavy
    • MIC
    • All times and tourneys subject to change based on participation and the whim of the MIC.

    • 9- 10 am: Inspections and authorizations

    • 10am: Novice Tourney. No kingdom fighting level awards 
      • Round Robin or Single Elimination depending on number of participants
    • 11am: Matched weapons tourney 

      • Weapons can be decided by combatants or drawn at random from fighter's available authorizations, Round Robin or Single Elimination depending on number of participants
    • 1-3pm: I hear there's a regional practice… Bring your own melee, Combat archery marshals will be present!
    • 3pm: Baron Max will hold the list. 
      • His Excellency will hold the list against everyone wishing to be Baronial Champion (probably not all at once)
  • Archery
    • Marshall in Charge: Ívarr of Altenberg [MiT] ( )
    • Saturday:
      • 9am: line open for equipment inspections, warm-up, tournament sign-up
      • Range will stay open until 15 minutes before court.
  • Youth
    • 10am: Lists open
  • Thrown:
    • 9:30am: range opens for practice and learning 

    • 12:30pm: Break for lunch

    • 1:30pm: Range reopens for fun throws

    • 2:30pm: Tournament (not sure what kind yet)

      Kids are welcome to come and learn,parents must be with them to OK it.

  • A & S
  • Regency court and baronial court to be held at 5pm or at their Excellencies discretion.





Lady Dahlia (Michelle Hogan): or (586) 246-6261
Address:  16710 Sarno Dr., Macomb, MI  48044
Lady Coleite du Vexin (Lianna Frazer): or (586) 599-5196
Ivarr (Ed Zielenski): or (586) 718-7006

A&S: Lady Danahild ni Choluim at or 586-945-1790.

Merchants: Lord Bartholomew MacMollen