Battle of the Inland Seas XXIV

Treasure Hunt!

MAY 18-20, 2018



Tavern Menu

Please contact the autocrats with any allergy concerns

Breakfast Available - Donations Appreciated

Lunch Menu -- 11 - 2ish

  • Soups:
    • Ham and Bean
    • Minestrone (Vegan)
    • Tomatoe Bisque (Vegetarian)
  • Hotdogs:
    • Regular and Gluten Free Buns
    • Koegels hot dogs
  • Salads:
    • A myriad of toppings and dressings to choose from
    • Made to order

  • We will have brownies and/or cookies, red wine pickled eggs, rolls, dressings and various condiments for the hot dogs.

  • We will also have pop and bottles water for sale, and some herbed lemonade and water in large containers that go with the meals
Tavern Coordinator: Cassandra Knapp ,


Lady Dahlia (Michelle Hogan): or (586) 246-6261
Address:  16710 Sarno Dr., Macomb, MI  48044

Lady Coleite du Vexin (Lianna Frazer): or (586) 599-5196

Lord Ivarr of Altenberg (Ed Zielinski): or (586) 718-7006