Canton Library

Any files listed below for download are in Adobe Acrobat PDF Document format.  You will need Acrobat Reader installed to view them.  

Gale Winds

This is our monthly newsletter. The newsletter for each month contains information on events going on in the coming month plus the meeting minutes for the meeting held in the previous month.

If you would like to obtain the Gale Winds in Word Document format or in a hardcopy version, please contact the Chronicler.  A postage fee may be required for hardcopy versions.  If you are looking for a past edition of the Gale Winds, please contact the Webminister.





Charter of the Canton

The charter is a document that the Canton of Altenberg uses to govern their operations.  The charter is used to assist in solving practical problems, such as how the Shire will vote, who can be officers, etc.  Any questions regarding the charter should be directed to the Seneschal.