Canton Officers

Canton Office SCA Name Modern Name Award(s) / SCA Interests
Lady Celestria de Cranham Carol Girard

Award of Arms

Music, Cooking, Sewing

Lady Faoiltigherna ni Bhroain Becky Klein

Award of Arms, Purple Fret

Building stuff


Thrown Weapons
Lord Bartholomew  MacMollen Ewing Wright

Award of Arms, Order of the Dragons Barb

Leather working,Childrens Activities, Story telling, Enjoying the company of my SCA family

Minister of Arts & Sciences
Genevieve La Rue Lynn Zielinski

Web Minister
Web Minister
Lord Ívarr of Altenberg Ed Zielinski

Award of Arms

Archery Marshal, Brewing, Bardic Circle, Thrown Weapons, Camping


Officer Reports


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To see when awards were given, they can be queried on the Middle Kingdom Order of Precedence.

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